Sara Katharina de Bronovo - Graf Oud Eik en Duinen 1

The woman behind Bronovo Hospital

In recent days, more than 20,000 people have signed a petition against a possible closing of The Hague’s Bronovo Hospital. What would the woman behind this well-known medical institution think of all this talk about her hospital? It is high time to meet this lady: Sara Katharina ‘Cateau’ de Bronovo. Rotterdam – Hellevoetsluis Sara Katharina …

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Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

The courtyards of The Hague’s Binnenhof are often crowded.  Tourists are touring, activists may be protesting or supporting one cause or another, and journalists are chasing politicians for interviews. But in general the atmosphere is friendly, with at most some verbal abuse. The beheading of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 1619, anonimous 1619* Yet blood has flowed …

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Tweespan van Willem Truffino op het concours hippique Houtrust 1915

A banker in The Hague in disrepute

These days, banks and bankers regularly get in the news. It was no different at the beginning of the 20th century, as is clear from this story about Willem Truffino, a banker in The Hague with a love for carriages. Banker in The Hague Willem Joannes Joseph Antonius Truffino (1863-1963) was the son of a …

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Sierkan - Keizerstraat 12

Milk in The Hague

I grew up with the advertising slogan ‘Melk is goed voor elk’ (= Milk is good for everyone). Even today, I drink a good amount of milk and buttermilk. And cycling and walking through The Hague, I can observe interesting traces of what was once a flourishing dairy industry. Neerlandia – Keizerstraat 45 The Sierkan …

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Maquette Joodse Buurt

Jewish neighbourhood The Hague

If we want to learn something about history, we usually read texts or look at photos. Rarely there is the possibility to view something in three dimensions. In The Hague we have such a unique opportunity, thanks to the model of the Jewish Neighbourhood which can be admired in the Atrium of the town hall …

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Koetshuizen Paleis Lange Voorhout

Royal Coach House

The Hague is known for its stately avenues and squares. Much less known is the fact that almost all the imposing houses on those avenues and squares once had a coach house somewhere on the property. In these coach houses (horse-drawn) carriages and the equipment needed to use them were stored and maintained. Someone who …

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IJspaleis Den Haag

City halls in a village

Visitors from outside The Hague sometimes mock us by saying ‘You live in a village’. Technically, that is true, because The Hague has never been granted a city charter. But even if The Hague is still a village, we have quite a number of interesting stadhuizen, or in English, “city halls”. Old City Hall On …

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Simon Stevin in Brugge

Simon Stevin

Every July I leave The Hague for a week of singing in beautiful Bruges. On Simon Stevin Square in Bruges are restaurants, many with terraces, that serve mussels or Flemish stew. This past July, whilst sitting there and enjoying myself I realized that Simon Stevin’s journey was just the other way around: from Bruges to …

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Haagse Portiekwoning JacquelineAlders

De Haagse Portiekwoningen – “Porch Houses” of The Hague

Every year in September I take part in a door-to-door fundraising event organized by the Kidney Foundation. Good work with an unexpected result: aching quadriceps muscles. And why is that? My fundraising route includes a street with a unique type of dwelling called a “Haagse Portiekwoning”, which in English translates to “The Hague Porch House”. …

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