Wandelhoofd Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina Promenade Pier

Sometimes a topic for an article comes from an unexpected source. My sister had been sorting my grandmother’s postcard collection and of course she gave me the cards with images from The Hague. A number of those postcards show pictures of the Wilhelmina Promenade Pier at Scheveningen, which sadly no longer exists. Where If you …

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Begraafplaats Ter Navolging

Time flies, also in The Hague

“Hours, days, months, years fly like a shadow”. That is the start of a song that the generations of my parents and grandparents sang on New Year’s Eve. And in certain circles it might still be sung every year. We  also have a saying in Dutch: “De tijd gaat snel, gebruik haar wel” (which translates …

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Sport in The Hague

Sport and games have been around a long time. And have been everywhere, so also in The Hague. Let me take you on a short tour of sport venues in The Hague. Malieveld Malieveld is so-named because it was where Hagenaars played a game called Jeu de mail or Pall-mall. Poles were placed at either …

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Gotische Zaal den Haag

Gothic Hall

Our current King Willem-Alexander is a passionate, fully qualified aircraft pilot. His three-times-great-grandfather had a passion for art in general and paintings and Gothic architecture in particular. Opposite Noordeinde Palace in The Hague we can still find a result of this passion: The Gothic Hall. Gothic Hall – photo Rita van Geem Crown Prince William …

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Sint Jacobsschelp Kerkplein

Saint James in The Hague

In the last few years, the centuries-old tradition of pilgrimage to to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela has become quite popular. But you don’t need to walk or cycle 1900 kilometres to find Saint James (in Dutch Sint Jacob). You can find him at several spots in The Hague. Saint James Among the 12 apostles of …

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Victor Makatita

Resistance during World War II

Many stories about the Second World War have not been told, or not told often enough. On June 28th a new museum will open in The Hague. It’s called Sophiahof museum, dedicated to the cultural and historical legacy of the Dutch East Indies. The first exhibit is called “Fighting for freedom”. Part of this exhibit …

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Meddens Hofweg

The Haagse Façade Animal

I would like to introduce you to a special animal species: the façade animal of The Hague. This animal was not discussed during the biology lesson at school but can be admired in many places and in various forms in The Hague. So walk with me and look up! Telling a story Many façade animals …

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Tournooiveld Oude of Sint Jorisdoelen 3

Saint George

April 23 is the saint’s day of Saint George. He is usually depicted heroically busy defeating a dragon. Standing in the stirrups, he spears the head of this threatening creature with his lance. This symbol of good defeating evil can be found in The Hague. Plaque Tournooiveld 5 Saint George’s guild During the Middle Ages, …

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Thorbecke Monument Lange Voorhout

Thorbecke wants it

Several times a week I cross the Haagse Thorbeckelaan, a beautiful avenue that borders my neighbourhood, the Vruchtenbuurt. Having recently read the interesting biography ‘Thorbecke wants it’, I know more about the man after whom this avenue is named: Johan Rudolph Thorbecke. Johan Rudolph Thorbecke Thorbecke was born in 1798 in Zwolle. His immediate family …

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Provincie Zuid-Holland Provinciehuis

Province of Zuid-Holland

When I was in school I wrote my name on every fresh notebook. And often also a series of “addresses”: the place where I lived, the province, the Netherlands, Europe, The World ….. I now live in the province of Zuid-Holland and it is time for me to take a look into the origins of …

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