Victor Makatita

Resistance during World War II

Many stories about the Second World War have not been told, or not told often enough. On June 28th a new museum will open in The Hague. It’s called Sophiahof museum, dedicated to the cultural and historical legacy of the Dutch East Indies. The first exhibit is called “Fighting for freedom”. Part of this exhibit …

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Meddens Hofweg

The Haagse Façade Animal

I would like to introduce you to a special animal species: the façade animal of The Hague. This animal was not discussed during the biology lesson at school but can be admired in many places and in various forms in The Hague. So walk with me and look up! Telling a story Many façade animals …

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Tournooiveld Oude of Sint Jorisdoelen 3

Saint George

April 23 is the saint’s day of Saint George. He is usually depicted heroically busy defeating a dragon. Standing in the stirrups, he spears the head of this threatening creature with his lance. This symbol of good defeating evil can be found in The Hague. Plaque Tournooiveld 5 Saint George’s guild During the Middle Ages, …

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Thorbecke Monument Lange Voorhout

Thorbecke wants it

Several times a week I cross the Haagse Thorbeckelaan, a beautiful avenue that borders my neighbourhood, the Vruchtenbuurt. Having recently read the interesting biography ‘Thorbecke wants it’, I know more about the man after whom this avenue is named: Johan Rudolph Thorbecke. Johan Rudolph Thorbecke Thorbecke was born in 1798 in Zwolle. His immediate family …

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Provincie Zuid-Holland Provinciehuis

Province of Zuid-Holland

When I was in school I wrote my name on every fresh notebook. And often also a series of “addresses”: the place where I lived, the province, the Netherlands, Europe, The World ….. I now live in the province of Zuid-Holland and it is time for me to take a look into the origins of …

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Art Deco bioscopen Kettingstraat

Art Deco Movie Theatres

My maternal grandmother absolutely loved movies. And she let us, her grandchildren, share in that love. She took us to classic film musicals like The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady. And together we laughed at the weird antics of Les Gendarmes de Saint Tropez, a French comedy. Also thanks to her, I got …

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Sara Katharina de Bronovo - Graf Oud Eik en Duinen 1

The woman behind Bronovo Hospital

In recent days, more than 20,000 people have signed a petition against a possible closing of The Hague’s Bronovo Hospital. What would the woman behind this well-known medical institution think of all this talk about her hospital? It is high time to meet this lady: Sara Katharina ‘Cateau’ de Bronovo. Rotterdam – Hellevoetsluis Sara Katharina …

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Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

The courtyards of The Hague’s Binnenhof are often crowded.  Tourists are touring, activists may be protesting or supporting one cause or another, and journalists are chasing politicians for interviews. But in general the atmosphere is friendly, with at most some verbal abuse. The beheading of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 1619, anonimous 1619* Yet blood has flowed …

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Tweespan van Willem Truffino op het concours hippique Houtrust 1915

A banker in The Hague in disrepute

These days, banks and bankers regularly get in the news. It was no different at the beginning of the 20th century, as is clear from this story about Willem Truffino, a banker in The Hague with a love for carriages. Banker in The Hague Willem Joannes Joseph Antonius Truffino (1863-1963) was the son of a …

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Sierkan - Keizerstraat 12

Milk in The Hague

I grew up with the advertising slogan ‘Melk is goed voor elk’ (= Milk is good for everyone). Even today, I drink a good amount of milk and buttermilk. And cycling and walking through The Hague, I can observe interesting traces of what was once a flourishing dairy industry. Neerlandia – Keizerstraat 45 The Sierkan …

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