Kneuterdijk hoek Hoge Nieuwstraat - Compagnie Lyonnaise - nu Alpina k
Fashion palaces

The Hague is, of course, the city of royal palaces, but we have other types of palaces as well. Beginning around 1900, The Hague was

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Canadese soldaten met Haagse meisjes bij het stadhuis - 8 mei 1945 - H.A.W. Douwes - Coll HGA
Liberation Children

A special group within the post-World War II Dutch baby boom were children fathered by the Allied soldiers, our liberators.  These are the “liberation children”

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Geboortegolf: Geboorten per 1000 inwoners - CBS
The baby boom

What does it take to have a child? No, don’t worry, I am not offering a lecture about sex education. I want to talk about

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