The Hague – From city to sea

The Hague and Scheveningen: separate and yet together. We cycle through the historic centre of the Hague to the seaside resort and village of Scheveningen. And to the sea, of course!

What’s up

During this guided bicycle tour of The Hague and Schevening, you will see a variety of interesting places and buildings.
I will tell you about the history and architecture, and about people who have lived and worked in the city and the village.

Jacqueline Alders

your tour guide

During a guided tour through The Hague I will tell you about the origins of the city, its architecture, the people who lived there and the events that took place. I do so with great enthusiasm and I will take your interests into account. Because each group is different, each guided tour is a unique experience!


2,5 hrs. / 2 hrs.


€20,00 / €17,50 per person – minimum 6 persons. If you do the tour with fewer than 6 persons you will pay for 6

Starting point and finish

Can be arranged




Bike rental not included in the prices. I can provide you with a list of bicycle rental companies.

Extend the experience

You can combine each tour with a visit to one of the many places in The Hague and Scheveningen that provide food and drink. In the city center or at the beach. I will gladly give you advice in this matter.

To schedule, please provide the following information (or call me: +31 (0)6 31 64 87 07)
Henk en Elsbeth van Beem

Quite confrontational, a tour guided by Jacqueline. To have worked in The Hague for years and to find that you hardly know a thing about the city. Jacqueline changes your perspective on sites and buildings you casually walked past many a time. She points out details you have never noticed before and tells the story behind those sites and buildings. This is done in a captivating, informative, well-balanced and humoristic way. We can heartily recommend Jacqueline's tours, also to people who think they already know The Hague.

MB – Voorschoten

Jacqueline has made our friends' outing in The Hague a smashing experience. Although we had all lived in The Hague for several years, we heard quite a few things we did not know. And all this in a very relaxed and cheerful way. I have every intention of doing another tour with her, this was very moreish!

HE – Voorschoten

A short reaction to let you know I really enjoyed the walk we made with a number of former students on the occasion of our biennial gathering, during which you enthusiastically and expertly pointed out all kinds of beautiful and historical sights in the centre of The Hague! You did this with a great deal of fervour and interest in architecture and history, so I would advise anyone to book a tour with you and enjoy The Hague in this special manner.

Kyriaki Georgiou
The Hague

We had a wonderful and pleasant walk in The Hague city with Jacqueline Alders as our guest. I totally comment it. I am sure going to participate in one of her future walks. Thank you Jacqueline!

The Hague

We had amazing time during the walk"stories of the Hague". Jacqueline is presenting very useful info, such as history of the Netherlands, royal family chronology,in a very easy to understand manner. Recommend as to newcomers to the Hague so to those who are living here already.

Owen Langdale (ANZC)
The Hague

It was a marvellous walk. Thank you so much. Even in the light rain, Den Haag shone!

Bertalan Csala

Jacqueline is a fun, relaxed lady with massive knowledge of the city. It was a great pleasure to learn a lot of interesting stuff about our new home during WWII in such a friendly and personal manner. I recommend the walks to everyone!

Owen Langdale
Houtrust Den Haag NL

Yesterday I was guided through The Hague's WW2 history by Jacqueline. This was my second such walking tour. She is very knowledgeable plus generous with her time (it was more than just two hours). I think our group of Hungarians, Chinese, Americans and one sole Australian appreciated her excellent English as well as touches of humour. My previous tour was about eating and drinking in The hague through the centuries plus history (and gossip) about the various kings and queens. All in all, a great guide.

Gina Howie
The Hague

It was a true pleasure to go on a World War II tour of The Hague with Jacqueline. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I enjoyed the tour from start to finish. It was lovely to meet others in the group from many different countries and I found the time on the tour to be incredibly interesting and thought provoking. It was so nice to walk through the beautiful city of the Hague and learn of the history. A truly wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Den Haag

Thank you for great Food and drink walking exploration of Den Haag. You made me want to get to know the city better.

The Hague

Thank you for a very interesting walk. I look forward to doing more with you

Katrin and Jon
The Hague

We joined the “Food and Drink” tour with Jacqueline and very much enjoyed it. We got to discover interesting parts of The Hague which are a bit “off the beaten track” and Jacqueline made us aware also of the “small things” that are worth pointing out, joining the big historic events with everyday life of the inhabitants of The Hague. She is a very knowledgeable guide and shares her knowledge in an enthusiastic yet measured way, putting everything in the historical context, which we found extremely helpful.

The Hague - Archipel

My family has lived in the Archipelbuurt for three years, and we never even knew what was across the street – in our case, a hofje! Jacqueline is a thoroughly knowledge guide. It was a privilege to learn about the origins of our home and daily environment – how else would I have known that the block of flats down the road used to be an army barracks, or that the residential neighbourhood near the church used to be used to catch migratory birds? Why do people even catch migratory birds? Luckily, with Jacqueline, all of these questions – and more – were fielded expertly. There's something reassuring, rooting, in understanding that the architect who built the houses down the street also built the Passage. Or that the Anglican church was built because the RAF (accidentally) bombed the old one. History suddenly catches up with the present, until every day you are walking through a living museum. You do not know a city until you know who built it. And you don't know who built it until you are guided through The Hague..

Den Haag

The Art Nouveau & Art Deco walk was excellent. Jacqueline is knowledgable, and presents interesting facts about the city and its buildings. We very much enjoyed it, and learned a lot about our town. It was a lovely walk on a Sunday and we very very much recommend her services.

Zuid Holland

Thank you Jacqueline for helping us (re)discovering Den Haag, looking up to all these treasures and keeping us sharp finding details: the name of all these inspired Dutch architects, a scary mascaron, an unexpected crest, specific materials used, symbols of Nature or the original use of some building...

Richard Artes

I enjoyed my guided walk of The Hague very much, I learnt a lot about the buildings and architects of the 19th and 20th century. Fascinating look back into the past!

Rob & Lonneke Meijer
Den Haag

We really loved and enjoyed our Art Deco tour last Tuesday very much!
You gave us a great time filled with interesting information, wonderful views and valuable tips.
Thank you for this wonderful experience!

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