Guided tour The Hague

A Guided tour The Hague gives you the opportunity to explore history and architecture at your leisure. I take you on a trip to see well known and lesser known buildings.

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From the Hofvijver to Noordeinde Palace. Through narrow streets and broad lanes.  I give you the bigger picture and point out interesting and surprising details. You will hear interesting stories about the people that lived and worked in The Hague through the centuries. There is a lot to discover during your visit to The Hague or during your family or company outing.

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Jacqueline Alders

your tour guide

During a guided tour through The Hague I will tell you about the origins of the city, its architecture, the people who lived there and the events that took place. I do so with great enthusiasm and I will take your interests into account. Because each group is different, each guided tour is a unique experience!

Guided tour The Hague - Themes

Highlights of The Hague

The Hofvijver, Lange Voorhout, Noordeinde Palace: known from radio and television. But have you ever (really) been there? Listen to the story behind these landmarks of The Hague.

The Hague’s Top Women

There are (and have been) quite a few independent, self-willed and intriguing women in The Hague. Meet them during this special guided tour.

The Hague in World War II

The Hague was strongly affected by the Second World War. German governing bodies were established in the city. Its Jewish inhabitants were persecuted and deported. You will hear and see this moving story.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco

The end of the 19th century saw a new movement in design: Art Nouveau. The city centre of The Hague contains some architectural gems in this style. And in Art Deco, the architectural style of the years between the World Wars.

The Hague for children

Children can have fun getting acquainted with living history in The Hague. And to walk the route of the Glass Coach on Prince’s Day.

Orange Walk

The Hague was once the garden of the Counts of Holland. Next came princes and princesses. We have had kings and queens for 200 years now. I will guide you to the sites where they were and still are.


During the guided tour architecture The Hague you can enjoy eight centuries of architecture. From the Middle Ages to our own time, it can all be found in The Hague.

Look Up!

You saunter through a city, do your shopping, go out……..but do you ever look up? I invite you to put your head back and look up at all the loveliness above eye level.

Food and drink in The Hague

Through the ages we have eaten many different types of food. The evolution of our food patterns are greatly influenced by technological and social developments. This is certainly true in The Hague!


Plein 1813 and its surrounding area is a beautiful and interesting part of The Hague. With a strong royal connection.


The Archipel district contains grand houses and intimate courtyards. And two beautiful cemeteries. Worthwhile to explore!

Unknown The Hague

The centre of The Hague has streets and alleys that you rarely, if ever, see. In this part of the city, the best stories can be told and special buildings can be seen.

Extend the experience

You can combine each tour with a visit to one of the many places in The Hague and Scheveningen that provide food and drink. In the city center or at the beach. I will gladly give you advice in this matter.

Guided tour The Hague: If these city walks are scheduled at your request:

Duration: 2 hrs. | Costs: €17,50 per person
Duration: 1,5 hrs. | Costs: €15,00 per person
Minimum number of participants in these guided tours: 6
If you do a tour with fewer than 6 persons you will pay for 6.
We can also work out a private tour / made-to-measure programme.

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