Remembrance in The Hague

Some years ago I attended a funeral outside The Hague. It was held at the cemetery Duinhof in IJmuiden.
The funeral itself was held in a remarkable auditorium at the cemetery and of course I wanted to know more about this building. I learned that it had been designed by the famous Dutch architect Willem Dudok. This made me think about cemeteries of The Hague. I wanted to know if there were any interesting buildings there.


Den Haag begraafplaats Sint Petrus BandenIn my research I found many good examples. Two of them can be found at the Roman Catholic cemetery ‘Sint Petrus Banden’ in Kerkhoflaan. The Neoclassical chapel, built in 1885, was designed by Adriaan Tollus, who was also responsible for the cemetery’s overall design. Den Haag begraafplaats sint petrus bandenThere is also an arcade in what is called the Romanesque Revival style. This arcade was designed by the architect Willem van Liefland. He made such an important contribution to the architecture of The Hague, that I put him on my list of articles still to write.

Funerary Art

Walking through The Hague’s cemeteries, my eye was caught by the beautiful and often moving tombstones and monuments.
At Oud Eik en Duinen cemetery
Den Haag Begraafplaats Oud Eik en Duinen    Den Haag Begraafplaats Oud Eik en Duinen
At Sint Petrus Banden cemetery
Den Haag graf toorop    den haag begraafplaats sint petrus banden

Inspiration and sharing

Death, mourning and burial are fascinating subjects that have inspired beautiful and interesting works of sculpture, architecture and landscape design. The Hague offers wonderful examples of all three, both in- and outside cemeteries. So I decided to add a special bicycle tour to my product line: Remembrance in The Hague

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