Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum Antieke trams naast elkaar voor het museumgebouw tijdens de zondagse opening - foto Chris Westerduin

Public Transport Museum of The Hague

Past, present and future of public transport in The Hague and environs We naturally expect HTM, our local transport company, to carry us in comfortable and modern trams and buses. And to use technically sound equipment. That’s why HTM regularly introduces new models. But fortunately, not all historical material disappears to the scrapyard or the …

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Haagsche Courant 25-06-1921. Bron Delpher

Along this unsympathetic road

Not everyone finds a suitable partner while on holiday, at work, at a club or at the pub. Or on any other occasion where you meet people. Sometimes love needs a helping hand. Today, there are countless dating apps, but before they came available, those looking for a partner had to put an ad in …

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Good living

Good Living in The Hague

Reconstruction of urban life after World War II extended into the 1950s, and those years were full of innovation.  Much had to change, including the design of our homes. New thinking proposed that light, air and space would make residents happier. Indeed, it would make them better people! Out with the oak smoking chair, floral …

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Official costumes on Prinsjesdag

My parents decided rather late to buy a television. That’s why my sisters and I often watched television at the homes of neighbouring children. Always the children’s programmes on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, but also solemn events, such as the reading of the speech from the throne on Prinsjesdag. It was on one such occasion …

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Versierde Tramwagens De olifant - 1909

Decorated tram cars

Every year, The Netherlands honours its reigning monarch with a national holiday.  It was known as Queen’s Day from 1900 (when Wilhelmina ascended the throne, followed by Juliana and Beatrix) until 2014.  Since Queen Beatrix’s abdication in favour of her son, Willem-Alexander, the day has been known as King’s Day. In The Hague, the public …

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Gemeenteapotheek Prinsestraat

Municipal Pharmacy

Almost every day we can read about how expensive health care is and the need for cost controls. Even in the middle of the 18th century, the government of The Hague struggled with this problem. Due to poor economic conditions at that time, increasing numbers of residents looked to the municipality to pay for their …

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Applied arts in The Hague

We can see wonderful examples of the applied arts in many places in The Hague. I found the following definition on Wikipedia: Applied arts are the aesthetic design of functional objects such as buildings, furniture, clothing, printed matter and so on. In contrast to the non-functional, autonomous expressions of visual art, applied arts designs also …

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Haagse Vogel Boomklever

Birds of The Hague

Spring is, of course, the season when we can once again enjoy everything that disappeared or was hidden in autumn and winter. The bulbs are in bloom, there are buds on the trees and the days are getting longer. I enjoy spring not only with my eyes, but also with my ears. Because every year, …

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Stempas Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen

Local elections in The Hague

Every four years, we decide which parties and persons are to sit on The Hague’s city council, as we will do on Wednesday, 14 March.  Here is a look at a few noteworthy municipal elections from the past: 1919 First Women Candidates At the municipal elections in May 1919, women could for the first time …

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Prinses Juliana

Royal Ice

In 1986,  then-Prince Willem-Alexander  successfully completed the Elfstedentocht. Fifteen years later, he proposed to his girlfriend Máxima on the frozen pond in the garden of Huis ten Bosch. You could say that our King’s love of skating is in his royal blood. His grandmother Juliana and great-grandmother Wilhelmina also loved skating. Wilhelmina Wilhelmina learned to …

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