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Willemspark The Hague

Willemspark: Plein 1813 and its surrounding area is a beautiful and interesting part of The Hague. With a strong royal connection and with stories about people with more humble backgrounds. 

What’s up

I am city guide Jacqueline Alders. During this guided tour through the Willempark area in The Hague I will tell you about these interesting 19th century extensions to the city.
I will show you the buildings and tell you about the architecture and the people that were instrumental in the development and design of this area.

  • Where: Archipel The Hague
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Costs: €15,= per person – minimum 6 persons. If you do the walk with fewer than 6 persons you will pay for 6
  • Starting point and finish: Can be arranged
  • Language: English

Extend the experience

You can combine this walk with lunch, tea, drinks or dinner in one of the beautiful buildings or intimate cafes. I will gladly give you advice in this matter.

To schedule the walk ‘Willemspark in The Hague’, please provide the following information (or call me + 31 6 31 64 87 07):